Practice Areas of Gregory H. Fisher, PA

St. Petersburg, Florida Probate Attorney

With offices located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Gregory H. Fisher provides a wide range of legal services to clients throughout west central Florida. His areas of practice include:

Estate Planning

In addition, if your estate may be liable for the payment of Federal Estate Taxes, which tend to change from year to year, more sophisticated estate planning may be required to reduce or eliminate estate taxes.


There are a variety of procedures that can be used to accomplish the probate process and they are not always the long and costly “horror” stories sometimes attributed to probate. Mr. Fisher can provide these services throughout the state of Florida.

Trust administration

Trust administration can assist family members and successor trustees with the proper administration of a trust instrument, helping them ensure that the process is completed in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. It is important for a successor trustee to realize that the role of successor trustee comes with certain duties and responsibilities, and that failure to follow proper procedures may result in the successor trustee being personally liable for imporper administration.

Guardianship Proceedings

Guardianship proceedings are necessary when an individual becomes incapacitated and has not put into place appropriate advanced directives

Elder Law

Real Estate

Real Estate services and transactions are also handled by the Law Offices of Gregory H. Fisher, including contract preparation and review all the way to closing. Even though you may have a real estate broker providing assistance to you, your own real estate attorney is providing protection to you, and you alone, and is not just trying to close a real estate transaction. Your title insurance will be provided by an independent firm, with no relationship to a real estate broker.

Corporations and LLC

Corporations and LLC organizations can be set-up to protect you and your family’s hard eared money from frivolous lawsuits and other vagaries of establishing a new business.

Business Sale or Purchase

Business Sale or Purchase is an important area where an individual needs legal expertise whether buying or selling.

All these itmes are all crucial aspects to be considered when dealing with setting up a new business. Mr. Fisher has been handling business closings for over thirty years and has the experience and background to know the best ways to protect your investment. Mr. Fisher as a special expertise in handling Subway Sandwich Store Franchise sales and purchases and has knowledge as to special requirements and language required for a successful sale and closing.

A Legal Resource

Even if your legal problem is outside the area of his expertise, Gregory H. Fisher is able to refer clients to other qualified attorneys and associates in all areas of the law. Having been involved with the local legal community for over thirty years, Mr. Fisher has a wide knowledge of those attorneys who can provide the best legal service for your particular situation. Whatever your legal needs may be, the law office of Gregory H. Fisher can help. He serves in the tradition of the family lawyer providing personal, professional service.